See how Tel Aviv, transformed the “Trash Mountain”, into the world’s largest recycling park.

The city of Tel Aviv in Israel a few years ago housed a giant trash in the open, nicknamed “Trash Mountain” its 800 meters long, arrived to contain 25 million tons of waste. Nearing collapse, the population pressure on local authorities to the situation were reversed.

Thus was born the world’s largest recycling park with the intention of transforming what was discarded into something beautiful. The challenge is to transform the park daily 3000 tons of household waste, 1.5 tons of construction materials and 250 tons of other waste into productive items such as fuel, fertilizer, electricity, water and even pieces of furniture the garden.

The project was developed by Peter Latz, and as it was still not finished, is expected to reach three times the size of Central Park in New York. To retrieve the 47 years of environmental impact, and allow aa local fauna and flora back part of the landscape, it used a bioplastic layer that prevents the methane escape from underground.

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