Paper and Cardboard Recycling

“Know more about the recycling of paper and cardboard in the Northeast Recycles 2014.”

Most products sold worldwide is packaged in paper or cardboard, the manufacture of this material generates a lot of waste, which if not treated properly can lead to serious damage to the environment, thus encouraging the recycling of this material has the potential to mitigate the effects this industry on the environment sector, as it has the potential to generate opportunities for the recycling market.

There are two types of recyclable cardboard considered: corrugated, which is generally used for packaging in general, and the plane, which is used for packaging materials such as cereal box, shirts boxes, shoe boxes and sometimes frozen materials. Some types of boxes are not recyclable cardboard boxes directly as milk . This is because it has a wax coating to prevent leakage.

Yet it manages business opportunities, the paper and cardboard has its coefficient of recyclability as high as eg metal scrap materials, making it necessary to encourage the reduction of their consumption demand. The fibers comprising the paper and cardboard lose their physical and chemical characteristics for the various recycling processes, there comes a time when the quality of the material is not suitable for recycling.
As to carton , should be encouraged that packages are returned to manufacturers, through shared responsibility and reverse logistics.

Source: and Ministry of Environment Site: