A cycle of opportunities to generate business

Brazil is one of the biggest waste producers in the world, after China and USA. An amount about 250,000 of trash is produced daily, 30% of it could be recycled, but only 3% is destined to recycling.

Although in the past decade the number of municipalities that have implemented recycling programs have increased from 81 to over 900, this number doesn’t represent 20% of our cities.

According to studies conducted by SINDIVERDE-CE, only in the state of Ceará, R$ 200 million could be generated with increased recycling of waste produced in businesses and homes.

The Recicla Nordeste – Industry Fair Recycling and Transformation is an event that brings products and services for industry and commerce recycling and processing, and its main objective of increasing the business sector.

Who should visit

  • Buyers of industries that process or consume secondary raw material;
  • Directors, managers and others professionals responsible for trade residual matter produced by massive industries which can be processed into recycled products, whether raw material or finished products;
  • Professional responsible for purchasing secondary raw material;
  • Buyers of massive companies, wholesalers or distributors of final consumption goods made from secondary raw material;
  • Representatives of government and private, seeking solutions to the residual matter collected from the public cleaning and management of urban and industrial waste systems;
  • Environmental managers.

The event is held by SINDIVERDE-CE (Union of Waste Recycling Companies Domestic Solid and Industrial of Ceará), and sponsored by Dinâmica Eventos, responsible for all the planning and execution of the 6th edition of the fair will be held between 15 to 17 June 2016 at the Ceará Convention Center in Fortaleza, from 14h to 21h.