How much water is on your plate?

Despite the wealth of water resources in Brazil, we have witnessed day after day, times when the water crisis suffered by other countries becomes real to us. Many initiatives are taken so that people become more aware, and start to save this precious resource. Reduce time in the shower, leaving from using and enjoying hoses to clean the house and cars, are the most frequent measures. What many overlook is that the over-consumption and waste, may be present in other moments of our daily routine, like our meals.
The Grist NGO, wanted to give us the notion of this problem and produced a video that shows how much water is needed to produce the food we eat in our daily basis. According to the organization, more than 100 billion gallons of water (about 470 billion liters) are spent each year on irrigation, aquaculture, and livestock, in the United States. Meat is one of the main reasons for this index. Knowing the proportion of agricultural production, and the Brazilian livestock, imagine how much is needed to meet demand in Brazil? Certainly a lot.

Watch the video