Sustainable pedaling

Energy production is one of the most discussed topics in discussions on the environment. Every day, more people are interested in seeking new sources and ways to generate clean, renewable energy, help the environment and society where the greatest interest is to develop a better future for the next generations.

Brazil is a country rich in energy sources, but still remains at the top with energy innovations that save the environment. The Brazilian professor, José Carlos Armelin, developed and patented a project named Pedal Sustentável.

The idea is to generate electricity through movement made during pedaling. The project inventor, that is already being selled in Brazil through Internet sales sites, as well as teacher and engineer, is bicycle activist and drummer in a band called Zero Co2, which always deals with environmental issues. José developed the idea for the energy generated by the pedaling, could meet the needs of their shows.

The mechanism comprises a power generator coupled to a bracket for bicycle, which functions as a static bike. The price may vary between sites that sell the generator, and the energy generated by it, will depend on the frequency of physical exercises practiced on the bike.
People who lead sedentary lifestyle are able to produce up to 50 watts / hour of electricity, ideal for powering both a 14 “notebook and recharge cell phone batteries, ipod and video camera;
Those who practice physical activities often are able to produce up to 150 watts / hour of electricity, ideal for powering a TV 32 “LCD / LED and a stereo simultaneously.