Seed book

Responsible production and sustainable use of paper is a consciousness more necessary each day. Our culture is being transformed, so that the notion of the preciousness of the resources used for the production of paper, could be inherited by future generations.

According to the Akatu Institute, Each kilo of paper produced, takes 540 liters of water, and every ton of virgin paper produced twelve trees are felled.

With the idea of ​​leaving for the children a lesson about the importance of caring for the environment, the Argentine publisher of children’s books, Pequeño Editor, released in March this year, the first book that can be planted after being read.

The book is called “My dad was in the jungle,” all of its copies were produced with ecological paints and recycled paper. All done with materials that do not release toxic waste in the environment. The book has jacaranda seeds between pages, kind of endangered tree, especially in Argentina.

The book tells a story of a journey through the Ecuadorian jungle. Imagine being able to have a library in your yard, and see their “tree-books” growing with their children. See the production below: