Plastic recycling

Brazil produces huge volume of plastic waste, but little of what is produced is recycled . According to a survey conducted by the Socio- Environmental Institute of Plastics ( Plastivida ) in 2005 were 767.503 million tonnes of discarded plastic in Brazil.

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Paper and Cardboard Recycling

“Know more about the recycling of paper and cardboard in the Northeast Recycles 2014.” Most products sold worldwide is packaged in paper or cardboard, the manufacture of this material generates a lot of waste, which if not treated properly can lead to serious damage to the environment, thus encouraging the recycling of this material has […]

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Wave energy

“The tidal mechanism leverages the perennial movement of raising and lowering of sea flow.” Considered a clean source of energy and self – sustainable , tidal energy is the mechanism that generates energy through the movement of water masses of the oceans . Through maritime movement, it is possible to obtain two types of energy […]

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