Sun Subway

The need for clean energy have moved to common sense, it has given vent to ideas that not long ago might seem revolutionary, or agenda for science fiction movies. Many projects takes us to seemingly futuristic scenarios, but this is our reality, we are moving in search of a aware society, where part of the heritage for future generations is based on respect for the environment. Brazil is vast and rich in natural resources, initiatives that allow us to respect and nurture our environment are becoming more frequent, we are fitting our energy demand to environmental liability.

By September this year will be implemented in the Federal District, a subway system powered by the sun.
Photovoltaic panels will be installed in Guariroba subway station in Ceilândia. The Metro project has been developed jointly between the Metro-DF and a Chinese company, the initiative is the first in Latin America and the fourth in the world.

The solar energy captured by the plates will supply the platforms, and the local box offices. If the energy collected on, it will be sold to Cia Energetica de Brasilia, and in the future, the project plans to extend the facility to the other 23 subway stations.




Images: Metrô-DF