Zero Waste

Each year in the United States, 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce billions of PET bottles, less than 30% are recycled. There are two possibilities for disposing of the bottles that are not recycled, they may end up in landfills or harming aquatic ecosystems and marine life, being responsible for jeopardizing the lives of animals. With the intention to eradicate this problem, the city of San Francisco, California banned the sale of plastic bottles of less than 600ml in stores. The goal is that gradually the bottles become extinct in the locality.

The rule is in force since 2014 and penalizes who disregard up to $ 1000. “We all are aware of climate change and the importance of combating this and San Francisco has led the way in the fight for the environment. That’s why I ask you to support this initiative to reduce and discourage single-use and single serving bottles of water in San Francisco, “said David Chiu, author of the law, to SF Gate.

With the goal of achieving zero waste by 2020, the city also banned the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam packaging. With the ban on trade in PET bottles, the city plans to invest profusely and drinking fountains to refill reusable population bottles, and keep it hydrated, this practice is already very common in Europe.