The idea of a Brazilian mechanic plus successful , ingratiated himself with the world. A lamp made ​​of PET bottle and a mixture of bleach and water created by Alfredo Moser to light his workshop in Uberaba – during successive blackouts that occurred in 2002 in Brazil – is now spread over several countries.

According to news agency BBC Brazil , more than a million homes in underserved communities in countries of Africa , Asia , Latin America and Middle East are illuminated by the idea of ​​Moser . After several made ​​with the inventor Alfredo Moser had run the world via internet .

Interesting to know that bottled lamp was born almost by chance and by necessity, as with almost all great ideas . It works like this: in a two-liter PET bottle water is placed and a little bleach to prevent the growth of fungi that decrease the brightness . The plastic container is then installed on roofs that did not have liners . A part of the bottle is outside of the roof to catch the sunlight and reflect it to the internal environment . The power is equivalent to a 60 watt standard bulb .

” One person I know has installed the bulbs at home in a month and saved enough to buy essentials for the son who had money just born ? ” , Said happily , the inventor Alfredo Moser , the BBC report . To which the representative prophesied the foundation MyShelter , Illac Angelo Diaz : ” Alfredo Moser changed the lives of a huge number of people , believe that forever.”

Source: Super Interessante