3D printer made of e-waste

The creation of 3D printers shows the amplitude of the constant technological advancement in which we live . Such equipment may be used provided the area of health, even in projects developed by NASA . The franc technological growth of the company is directly proportional to the amount of technology consumed by us as well as the technological waste produced by us .

With this vision , the African Kodjo Afate Gnikou created with 3D printer junk . With only $ 100 and parts of digital equipment that no longer work anymore , he built a model that can help your home country , Togo .

The idea of ​​Kodjo and promote the recycling of electronic materials , makes the most affordable 3D printer in the U.S. market , buying these equipment costs thousands of African doláres.O project comes from his experience in WoeLab group in the city Lomé , bringing together hackers who want to make a project of expedition to Mars with devices made ​​from e-waste as possible. For this project to work, the success of the 3D printer is crucial.

The advantages of working Kodjo go far beyond the achievement of space travel . According to information from the crowdfunding page where the project was announced , and fully funded . He intends to ” put technology available to needy people , making it possible that Africa is not just a spectator , but this virtuous protagonist industrial revolution.”
Give a second life to objects not only reduces waste and waste, but also contributes to the economy , the quality of life of others and nature conservation .

Source: Super Interessante