Composting Island

The team of architects Architeture the Present , New York , who created the project – The Green Loop * – which brings together ten islands of compost throughout the city .

The city produces each year about 14 million tons of trash, about 30 % is organic . This detritus all demand $ 300 thousand to be routed to the appropriate outside of New York State destination. The Green Loop should be built on the Hudson River , the project has community garden and large green area for use by residents and tourists . Composting happens underneath the living space . To account for the amount of organic waste produced in the city , ten islands would be necessary .

The design is quite innovative and theoretically help to improve waste management in New York and would be a great support to the initiatives taken by the management of the former mayor , Michael Bloomberg . He planned to implement composting services in the city and come to launch the test program before leaving .

In the district of Staten Island , 3500 families have volunteered to participate in this program , which has given good results and allows estimation exciting : the 100 tons per day would be spared if the measure was expanded to the entire city . It is not known whether the program will be continued by the new head of the municipal administration , Bill de Blasio .

Source: Super Interessante