Electricity produced at home

What if you could produce their own electricity, or sell to your neighbors? According to a Regulation of Aneel in December 2012, it released a kind of barter: who produces more energy than consumes can sell electricity to other consumers.

Electric Bicycles


Benefit: two people pedaling on an exercise bike generate enough power to keep the stereo on.

How much: about R$ 2,250 per bike.

Gyms and hotels already use bikes that turn cycling into electricity. The pedals move a dynamo, which generates electricity from the mechanics. Of course, for a house, the project is unprofitable – after all, a lone cyclist makes no miracle. But in a gym with 20 bikes that offers four spinning classes a day, the result is 300 kWh per month, enough to light more than six houses a month.

Wind Energy


Benefit: the simplest (160 W power) generate about 40 kWh per month, equivalent to the consumption of your refrigerator.

How much: from R$ 4000 to R$ 10,000 depending on the power.

With winds of 10km / h 12km / h, a small vane is capable of maintaining connected refrigerator. Energy is produced by the wind turbine Wind power and then taken to a battery system. They allow use electricity even when for blow. Before purchasing the technology, check that the wind regime follows a regular at the address of your home.

Solar panels

placa solar

Benefits: photovoltaic panels can generate 10 kWh of energy on a sunny day, the equivalent of spending a fan on 5 hours a day for an entire month.

How much: about R$ 14,000 for homes that consume 250 kWh per month.

The photovoltaic panels, which are becoming more efficient, operate from the incidence of the sun on the panel, taking off electrons, producing electric current. Energy can be stored in batteries or move the public to turn off the bill.

Mini-hydro power

roda agua

Benefit: A water wheel with a generator can produce up to 100 watts of direct current, enough power to light a small residence.

How much: R$ 10,000 to R$ 18,000.

His mother was using the old d¿água wheel in home decoration? You can retrieve the artifact and put to work. Just have a stream with small falls or stream close to home for energy. The mini-hydro works by water, which, falling on the wheel, drives the generator and produces electricity.

Source: Super Interessante