Bus Hound, the bus moved by cow feces

A bus able to circulate through the cities moved by a fuel extracted from animal feces, it seems bizarre to you?
In the English streets this is a reality, the Bus Hound, is moved by cow feces, making it fully sustainable. The company Reading Buses, responsible for manufacturing the Bus Hound, proved that it is possible to use alternative and clean fuels while maintaining the vehicle efficiency in terms of speed.
Biogas is the fuel used, and is obtained through a process called anaerobic digestion. The compound is stored in seven fixed tanks at the bus roof, which is used to transport passengers and has adhesive spots in black and white, cow skin characteristics to be easily identified.

On a local road called Millbrook Proving Ground, the bus hit a high speed of 123 km / h. But of course, only to test the vehicle, which follows the speed limits established by law. “The most important thing is that we wanted to show that a sustainable vehicle is far from dirty, smelly or slow. We are modernizing fast, and we are at the forefront of innovation, “said John Bickerton, chief engineer of the manufacturer, to BBC.

See the video below the bus in action.