Aracaju invests in integrated waste management.

 Closing a landfill, supporting cooperatives, and social actions are some of the activities

“It is necessary that people know what is wet and dry garbage, which means, what is recyclable.” Said the Municipal Secretary of the Environment of Aracaju (SE), Eduardo Matos Lima. “An essential aspect for the success of a program of selective collection is education, and awareness among citizens.”

The city of Aracaju has programs such as “Citizen Aware, Clean City”, to mobilize the population, where environmental agents distribute information among residents to ensure the quantity and quality of the collected material. Separate collection is offered in 23 gathering areas, at houses and companies. The waste collected will be turned into raw material, after being subjected to screening, and sold by Recycling Cooperative of neighbourhood Santa Maria (Coores), and the Cooperative of Autonomous Recycling Agents of Aracaju (Care), working in partnership with the Prefecture.
“The expansion is the result of a joint work between the Municipal Secretariat of Environment and Municipal Company of Urban Services,” explains Eduardo Matos. This expansion will enable achieving the collecting goal of 2 tons average of waste per day in downtown, ensuring the operation of its distribution center, which opened in July 2013.

Two of our great achievements in this process, are related to with human dignity. One of them was the closure of the landfill in Santa Maria (with the final routing of organic waste to Environmental Landfill Estre located in Rosario do Catete), a historical problem that we faced in the City. The other one was to guarantee the insertion of recyclable materials collectors in our selective collection system, through the work of cooperatives, to increase their income and quality of life, “said the secretary. “We are, thus, aligned with the National Policy of Solid Waste, and a sustainable future.”

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